Main features explained

Video tutorials

Our tutorials will explain how to create and manage a patient’s aesthetic record.

iRejuvenation is intuitive in it’s aesthetics reporting by integrating a user friendly camera, exporting the patients record and procedures and it’s awesome before&after tool.
The GDPR AMedSU Cloud subscription is explained step by step, in less than a minute you’re ready to go.

You can also check our iRejuvenation tutorials about how to use the app in detail, such as patient creation, PDF exports, using the camera, reporting and other.

— iRejuvenation presentation

— New Background Synchronization

— Remote Signing

— Online Booking

— Data Import & Export

— Cloud Subscription

— Creating a new patient profile

— Setting up a professional profile

— Export PDF & Images

— Using the photo camera

— Report point & line of injections

— Before & After, the timeline

iRejuvenation’s User Manual (PDF)